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Why we love RAR

Sometimes I pause and wonder,
Why things are the way are,
But it's a simple answer really,
Everything is meant for RAR

All the money in this world,
All the treasures that we own,
Is simply meant for us RARers
To take, or, to "loan"

Since everything is meant for RAR,
I might as well love it as it is,
So I'll tell you why I do,
You can make it into a quiz:

RAR is happy, RAR is sad,
RAR is evil, RAR is bad,
RAR is rich and RAR is strong,
RAR's the reason we don't get along.

RAR is stupid, therefore smart,
RAR is every type of art,
RAR's all knowing and quite wise,
We don't need to advertise.

RAR is funny, RAR is fun,
RAR is punny, RAR is pun,
RAR is winning, RAR is chess,
That alone makes it the best.

RAR is RAR and anti-RAR
RAR's a train and RAR's a car,
RAR is everything you say,
I will RAR you every day.

Excellently written by RM Joseph Truelson

A New Recruit's Story

What is the meaning of RAR?
Most people don’t get very far.
When they start to wonder,
They start to blunder,
They give up and claim it’s bizarre.

Joseph knows what RAR is for
He uses it and continually scores.
”RAR is to constantly cheat,
and constantly beat,
All people with threats of World war”

”RAR also gives me tons of money,
I think that it’s quiet funny.
I don’t care about RAR,
Just about that sports car,
All of my followers are dummies.”

So to join or not to join?
I look at Joseph’s grand gold coins
Could I get rich?
Or find my niche?
All of you should get my point.

I came to Joseph the next day,
I thought about what I should say.
Should I say “yes”
Make my life chess?
Or be holy and go my own way?

The next day I went to his place.
I tried to keep a poker face,
When he opened the door,
My excitement soared
I even tipped over his vase.

”I’ve pondered this my whole life,
And even though I've tried to fight,
I'm here to join RAR,
and be a liRAR,
Accept me or I will bite!”

Joseph’s answer was civilian
"You’d like to be RARer one billion?
Well hand over some cash,
And please do it fast,
I might finally have one trillion!"

Ever since then everything has changed.
Only one thing about me is the same.
I’m still fascinated by RAR,
Well at least so far,
Change the meaning of your life today!

Excellently written by RM Joseph Truelson

Why You Should Join RAR

You should join RAR,
follow this saying some:
"If you can't beat them,
Then join them!"

Because RAR is effective,
and studying is not.
Unrealistic rating gains

you will have got,

If you have the wisdom
to join the RAR.
So you can win, RAR,
win, and RAR!

Use RAR the next time
you play some chess,
and it'll help you
lose a lot less!

Your opponent'll get RARed,
panic, and blunder,
be intimidated,
and be plundered.

You, much unlike
the RAR's opposition,
Should have the sense
to RAR back your position,

And your opponents will fear
your weird intimidation
So many a tournament
They will shun.

They’ll be scared to death
of the RARer's luck
They'll be overly stressed
and scared like a duck.

Bad boring blunders
the RARers realize
But then their opponents'
brains are paralyzed.

RAR saves the day,
as the RAR trolls
your opponent's brain,
much to his woes.

And RAR will make RARers
with weak players paired.
So it is right
for everyone to be scared,

Scared into submission,
and beyond,
With passive moves
they will respond.

Enemies, the Anti-RAR,
will sit and yawn,
Wishing that they
had withdrawn,

Slowly falling prey
to tip twenty-eight.
They’ll be unlucky
and show up late.

They'll forfeit many games,
And lose many more,
For RAR’s luck is here,
It's coming in the door!

Written by might-be-banned YoyoPuppy, November 15, 2017

Join RAR!

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