What is RAR?

To answer that question will require decades of deep thought and meditation. RAR is infinitely complicated. In a nutshell, RAR is a movement that encourages doing illegal but winning ideas, being annoying, and having fun. If you say RAR, and follow the RAR tips, at a tournament, you can intimidate your opponent. Then they will play way worse than their rating and you can win on luck, without any skill! So you can both be lazy and win! RAR!

What is the RAR viewpoint on openings?

RAR says you should play unsound moves to get out of book. See RAR tip #2.
It also says to study opening theory. See RAR tip #-4.
Consistent, right?

How can I get lucky?

Follow the RAR tips! Find them here. Good luck RARing all your opponents!

What is the chess.com RAR group for?

The group is for winning and having fun! We expand, discuss, and improve RAR. Sometimes we write RAR tips. Other times, we write stuff only to realize the original source plagiarized our posts! Join the RAR group on chess.com here to view these amazing posts!

Do you actually think RAR makes you have better results?

Yes, of course! Just ask RM (RAR Master) Joseph Truelson. He has a rating of over 2000 USCF, but has the skill level of a 1450! It's obvious how RAR has helped Joseph.

Isn't it unethical to RAR?

Maybe. View this page about RAR ethics complaints here. You will have to join the group if you are not already a member.