How do you not know who Joseph is? Clicking on this tab means that you are automatically 3 standard deviations below the mean, intelligence wise. You uninformed citizen!

Joseph Truelson is a world famous chess player, known for his cheating methods and his many victories against the best players in his house. He has never revealed how he has won his games for a long time, but has finally been nice enough to show the world how he wins at chess in this website and the RAR group and books that he has written.

Joseph has been framed by many news networks, he nonetheless continues to talk to them everyday:

"People have no idea how important the RAR is," Joseph said one day while being interviewed by CNN (Chess News Network). Of course, CNN, being fake news, twisted his words and made the public believe that Joseph was meaning to say that people were stupid for not knowing how important the RAR was (this is true, but he was still very upset).

Another time, while being interviewed by CBS (Chess Broadcasting System), Joseph said "RAR is love, RAR is life." CBS interpreted this as Joseph claiming that everyone should do nothing and just spend their lives on RAR. Once again true, but he was still very upset.

As a chess player, Joseph Truelson intends to become the world champion of chess in 2020 through various cheating methods that he has invented as well as using his masses of RAR followers to intimidate the good guys from stepping in. Once he is rich from being a chess champion, he will create RAR Inc. which will sell everyday items but call them "RAR", like "RAR toothpaste", and thanks to having it have the RAR logo, everyone will buy it. He will be the richest person in the world.

If you didn't know all of the above, you are a shame to the world. So learn all the above by heart before you get ridiculed and persecuted by the RAR mobs that will do even worse things than the mobs we've seen recently in the news.

On that happy note, join RAR!