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You should cheat! A RAR Research Paper

“If you can be good at one thing, be good at cheating.... Because if you’re good at cheating, you’re good at everything”- the editor, who got someone else to write this for him because he’s so good at cheating.

At the Washington State Championship, prodigies were busy harassing Joseph Truelson, the CEO, president, and self-proclaimed dictator, deer leader, and all powerful ruler of RAR.

“How do you think you will do in your next game?” A player known as “The Prodigy” asked him.

“I’ll easily win, because I’ll cheat!” Joseph responded.

“Why do you always have to talk about cheating?” The prodigy responded in annoyance.

Why did Joseph have to talk about cheating? We would get into the emotions and Joseph’s nonsense mind, but this is a research paper (might want to add quotations around that). After that introduction, we will now revert back to a normal style research paper, not filled about people, but rather, about abstract ideas, psychology, and a search for the deeper meaning of one of the concepts of life that people so ardently hate, cheating.

The aim of this research paper is to explore what society calls “cheating”, and to explore why cheating is not bad, and is consequently, good. Some may argue with the credibility of our sources. As RAR, a movement created by Joseph Truelson says, however, to quote one source is plagiarism, to quote multiple, research. Thus, we at RAR HQ do not believe citing sources is necessary, as we use as many sources as we may need. We do not claim to have created every idea we have made, but we do not claim to have borrowed any either. Of course, we never borrow ideas, we only take them anyways.

But now, we will get to the bottom of this pressing issue and try to understand cheating, and by virtue of that, the meaning of life and people as well.

Usually, “research” papers list all the arguments against them and then proceed to debunk them (you might claim this isn’t research, but rather, propaganda or a persuasive essay, but using the word “research” garners more respect for we are doing). We will be no different, and start with all the arguments against cheating:

1. Cheating is unethical. This can be easily disproved. What is unethical? “Not morally correct”, according to multiple sources. But everyone has a different moral “compass”. In this society, it is more important than anything else, to accept our differences. My morals could be (and are) different from your morals. My morals might not even be morals, period. But just because I’m different, doesn’t mean I’m worse. Just because I believe cheating and lying are right, doesn’t make me bad. We all have our different beliefs, and in this great American society, all of them are accepted and all are equally valid. Thus, everything is bad, and at the same time good. This is my main point; Cheating is ethical and unethical, as is everything else.

2. Promotes bad habits. Again, this is open to interpretation. What is a bad habit? It all comes down to what we believe. Some may believe that studying is a good habit in life, and I respect that. Therefore, I also expect them to respect those of us who do not waste our time studying and instead do nothing. My habits are not worse than yours, they’re just different. I know this paper was from the “we” point, but it’s changing and modifying by the minute, just like RAR. Now it is me speaking to you, not we.

3. Impacts self esteem. The argument is that by giving a reward, (in school, grades, in chess, rating and money, in life, hell and prison) you are making people be more confident in themselves and believe that they are able to do what they cannot actually do. However, a strong self esteem is important, as self confidence is a virtue that everyone believes is good. If self esteem can be increased, even if unjustly, it is still good, and cheating can be justified.

4. Unfair to other people. This is the weakest argument. After all, they can cheat too!

Now that we have covered all the (very weak) arguments we will proceed to endorse our viewpoint, and apparently, in the “we” tense, again. Although that could change.

Because we are trying to spread RAR to the 99% (we are the 1%) that don’t play chess, we will focus on something everyone understands: school. We say cheating is wrong in school (Not we, but some other “we”). But we haven’t thought about that enough.

For example, school is about learning, right? That’s what they say. But in reality, all students want is a good grade. Students will only try for a grade. Once school is over, and the test has been taken, all the information has been thrown out the window. I’m not lying; one time a classmate threw a textbook out the window in disgust. Then he threw out his brain, completely throwing away the information. Teachers try to say that learning is more important than grades, but this is completely fake. It is equal to saying that RAR employees should care more about doing their job than getting exempt from their monthly dues. Or for the non RAR folk, that Burger King workers (I’m one of them!) should care more about doing their job rather than their salary. And believe me, I only care about my salary

Kids also have no influence in what they learn at school. The evil Department of Education and all those bureaucrats (which I hope to become someday) decide what people learn. Kids aren’t inspired by their work, and any innovation and creativity that could happen is hampered since they must compromise their efforts to meet the demands and expectations of the person who grades them.

As mentioned earlier, students only remember the information for the grade, and will immediately forget right after the exam. This is against the purpose of tests, but is a way of life that can’t be changed. Face it teachers and “educators”, you’re hopeless.

Meanwhile, there are many obvious benefits of cheating:

1. Improved lifestyle: Better grades, rating, self esteem, you name it, you get what you want through cheating. And bringing it back to school, if you fail you are simply labeled as bad, even though you wouldn’t have learned anything anyway. For example, if students do badly on a test, they won’t review the problems they got wrong, they will never be tested on the material again. Why waste their time?

2. Inventiveness: Despite RAR’s arguments, cheating will still be punished. Students must be inventive and creative to find ways to cheat, and by cheating in school, they are actually learning something that they can apply to their own lives. In school, nothing you learn helps you in life. Finally they will learn something useful!

3. Pride: After I cheated, I felt more prideful and acted more arrogant than I ever had. Using no effort of my own, I was able to succeed at life without doing what I was suppose to do. This is good, because being confident is very important.

4. Fighting against the institutions. Let’s go back to school. Kids are routinely rounded up and forcibly placed in an institution where they are subjected to a hierarchy that places them at the bottom. Like the hostage, they are held captive even if they are not physically bound. They are deprived of any power over their own lives, including the ability to pursue their interests, and are subjected to a barrage of tests that have consequences for each wrong answer. And sometimes the answers aren’t even wrong! 1+1=10 in base 2! Then why was I marked wrong? Maintaining ethics is part of an unwritten contract of being a willing participant in a community. Students placed in school against their will and routinely disrespected have no obligation to adhere to the ethical codes of their oppressors. Cheating is an act of resistance, and resistance against oppressive powers should be encouraged and celebrated, rather than deemed a “bad habit” or an unethical act. The concern regarding self-esteem that is highlighted by The Child Study Center as promoting the “worst damage,” lacks any scientific support whatsoever. It is completely false, cheating is the best damage!

Elaborating on that, if students feel bad for cheating, it is because the environment has created a set of conditions where cheating is necessary and justifiable. For this same reason, many students are proud that they cheat. As mentioned earlier, cheatingoften requires creativity in terms of execution as well as ingenuity to avoid being caught. It also serves as a statement of disdain against an arbitrary and repressive institution. For these reasons, cheating can be a source for pride that boosts self-esteem. Given this construct, cheating is not simply something many students do; it is something all students in compulsory schools should do. Cheating is a moral imperative.

To conclude this, punishing students for cheating is completely misguided, even though it must be done to keep the ingenuity in cheating. People should be most concerned about the student who does not cheat. They are the ones who appear to have internalized their oppression and might lack the necessary skills to rally and lobby against abuses of power that are perpetrated by governing bodies. Cheating should be recognized as the necessary and logical outcome of an arbitrary and oppressive institution. Punishing students who cheat is yet another abuse of autocratic power. In a healthy society, people ridicule and shame those who force children to endure the kind of environment that demands they must cheat. And that is exactly what school does.

So, to conclude these conclusions, not only is cheating ok, it is good. As proven by this barrage of opinions, fighting against the oppressors is the only way to stop the hardships that me, and my fellow RARers, endure. We have always been told to be ourselves, if we are not even going to stand up for ourselves and cheat, then what even are we?

RAR Attacker Joseph Truelson


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