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Once I learned that the way to win at chess is to play bad moves and take risks, my rating went up 350 points!-Anonymous

I use RAR in the morning, the evening, and during the day.-Anonymous

I've started RARing people in my daily games and the results are impressive. RAR worked perfectly.-Stephen_Stanfield

It worked!!!-starboystellan

RAR wins no matter how powerful the enemy is! Following the RAR tips gave me an extra point and along with it, a plaque. All thanks to RAR!-YoyoPuppy

My rating was 1200. I saw all the ads on how if I bought all this stuff I could become a 1600 or better. But none of those strategies worked. But then I found RAR. I talked to Joseph Truelson, who understood the problem and how to get me out of it. In exchange for giving him my house, car, and morals, he helped me and now I am 1600! Give up everything in life to pursue one goal!- Anonymous, but everyone knows at least one person who's done this

RAR helps you win Chess games.-RookSacrifice

I RARed my opponent and won!-randomnese1015

Before I joined RAR I had tried EVERYTHING. But I knew RAR was going to work after I saw all the other people that it had converted. Now I am annoying, loud and ruthless, and focused on one goal: winning. RAR has turned my life around. It was so easy, I only had to sacrifice everything-one of RAR's many supporters


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